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About Cryotex Massage Gun

Cryotex Massage Gun


CRYOTEX Massage Gun can deeply relieve the body's soreness through deep and powerful muscle massage after exercise. Handheld Massage Gun for Athletes helps restore the body faster, promote muscle repair, promote blood flow and relieve lactic acid. It can also be used to prepare the body during warm-up before exercise.


Comes with six different heads to provide targeted treatment for every muscle group. Different massage heads and speed levels provide a relaxing massage for every muscle need. It reduces bone and muscle damage that might occur in one-level intensity massage guns used for sensitive muscles. Our percussion massager equipped with LCD touch screen showing speed levels.


Only 2 lbs, ergonomic and easy-to-use. Its compact size and case makes it easy to carry to use at work.


Enjoy your deep tissue massage gun and repair your muscles in a relaxing silence. Cryotex Massage Gun is developed with low noise motor. With 45 db of newest noise reduction technology and a high-torque motor, professional deep tissue massager has 20 adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,500 percussions per minute.


The Cryotex cordless massager is equipped with 2600mAh high-quality lithium battery, providing 6 hours of battery life after fully charged. The body massager has an LED battery indicator so you don't have to worry about power outages.

Cryotex Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

The massage gun is equipped with 6 MASSAGE HEADS.

Cryotex Massage Gun with 6 massage heads

The percussion massager is a hand held device that vents concentrated pressure into muscle tissue.
This form of deep tissue massage can reduce muscle tension while improving blood flow and quickly increasing the range of motion.

cryotex percussion massager

Cryotex Care your body needs and offers six customized soft massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage.

Cryotex massage gun - Care your body need

Super noise reduction design. Running sound below 45 decibles, no noise interference. Let you relax and enjoy the massage experience. Even the highest speed will not affect.

The massage gun is equipped Lithium lon rechargeable battery. Power a week's worth of workouts with up to 5 hours of massage per charge.

Cryotex Massage Gun – Deep Tissue Handheld Percussion Massager

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